Nathan Polsky for allen city council place 2

Anything the government can do, the private sector can do cheaper, more efficiently and with better results.

The #1 Choice

for Freedom

Individual Liberty

Putting Allen in your hands

No one knows how to spend your hard earned money better than you do. When elected, I will fight to ensure that wasteful spending is eliminated and put more money back into our resident’s pockets.

When the government competes with the private sector, they steal from you to ensure that their projects succeed. This drives private individuals out of business.

Pillars of Freedom

It is unacceptable that the city government forces Allen residents to pay rent to continue owning property that belongs to them. I will work everyday to lower, and hopefully eliminate, property taxes.

Every person has the right to their property and they should have the ability to use it as they see fit. The City doesn’t own your property so why should they have a say in how you utilize it? I will work to abolish all ordinances that prevent home owners and business owners the ability to make changes as they see fit. As long as those changes do not negatively affect another property owner, then there should be no ordinance.

Our city is filled with bloat and wasteful spending. How can we expect to succeed as a city without first stopping the city from being
careless with our money? I will work tirelessly to cut spending on non-critical infrastructure and leverage the private sector to take over existing burdens while maintaining, if not improving, the current level of service.

Every citizen has the right to protect themselves as they see fit and that is enshrined in the 2nd amendment. The government has no right to limit our ability to protect ourselves. I will ensure that no non-violent individual is denied their right to self defense. I will also work to ensure that Allen is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary city. This would deny local law enforcement from complying with any federally mandated gun laws.

Every person has the right to live their lives without being oppressed by the Government. Mandates are an infringement on our liberties and are unacceptable. Therefore when I’m elected to Allen City Council, I will never vote for any kind of mandate in the city of Allen. If the county, state, or federal government tries to implement one, I’ll fight to nullify it.

What People are Saying

Simply put, we need fewer, not more regulations at all levels of government. Nathan is the only candidate who will not only refuse to saddle our city with more ordinances, but also seek to repeal those that are in place. In doing so this will bring more freedom to our city by reducing the scope… Read more “Simply put, we need fewer,”

Ed Kless

Nathan is a strong fiscal conservative and he will represent Allen taxpayers well. He has been involved in attending council meetings and workshops, and he will help keep our city a great place to live and work while also working to reduce taxes and unnecessary spending. Nathan is an advocate for freedom and limited government… Read more “Nathan is a strong fiscal”

Melissa Spence

I met Nathan at a candidate meet and greet. I was very impressed with his ideas. Having children a similar age, Nathan understands what it is to be a parent in Allen and what our struggles are as tax payers. Nathan shares similar concerns as to how the current city council is handling our cities… Read more “I met Nathan at a”

Amanda Merritt

Nathan has been earnestly attending Allen City Council meetings for the last two years. He is a true fiscal conservative who will guard our tax dollars from being spent on excessive pet projects. Nathan is always willing to speak to residents and listen to their concerns without disdain. These are the reasons I support Nathan… Read more “Nathan has been earnestly attending”

Elle Larkin

I have had the honor of getting to know Nathan over the last year. Nathan is extremely dedicated to the success of Allen and to the well being of the residents. He is a prudent fiscal conservative and will bring a level of critical thinking and flexibility that are currently lacking in City Council Place… Read more “I have had the honor of getting to know Nathan”

Heather Garrett