I’m thrilled to share that I’ve had the opportunity to appear on several insightful podcasts recently, where I discussed my campaign for Chair of LPTexas in 2024. During these discussions, I delved into my vision for the future of our party, outlining the changes I plan to implement and how I intend to do so.

We talked candidly about what’s working well within the party and identified areas that may benefit from a fresh approach. Drawing from my background and experiences, I outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at reinvigorating our efforts and redefining our direction.

These discussions have also been a platform for me to highlight the importance of collective action. We need dedicated individuals like you to help turn our vision into reality. Whether it’s through volunteering, spreading the word, or contributing financially, every action counts. Together, we can build a stronger, more effective Libertarian Party that truly reflects our core principles.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you missed any of these conversations, you can catch them below:

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The Way it Should Be

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