Meet Nathan Polsky.

Your candidate for State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas

Let’s bring principled leadership to every corner of our great state!

About Me

As someone who believes in the power of local action and grassroots empowerment, my top priorities when elected are clear.

First, I am committed to providing essential infrastructure and comprehensive training to bolster local candidates and counties that may lack the resources to do so on their own. Drawing on my experiences from various campaigns, I understand the challenges candidates face, and together, we can create a strong network of well-prepared libertarians ready to bring principled leadership to every corner of our great state.

Second, I believe in empowering our talented LPTexas staff and giving them the autonomy they deserve. Trust is paramount, and if they’re entrusted to serve on staff, they should also be entrusted to make the decisions that will propel our party forward. This approach ensures a more streamlined, efficient, and effective organization that can truly champion the cause of liberty.

Lastly, I am passionate about forging connections and rebuilding bridges within our party and beyond. I envision working collaboratively with activist organizations to champion single-issue campaigns that align with libertarian ideals. By forming powerful coalitions and focusing on common goals, we can promote our principles and extend our influence in meaningful ways.

My commitment doesn’t end with mending bridges—it extends to building new ones. It’s about putting the best people in the right positions, regardless of any divides. Unity and effectiveness will be our guiding lights, enabling us to create lasting change that resonates with every Texan.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. With your support, we can bring fresh energy, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to the Libertarian Party of Texas. Let’s work together to champion liberty, advance our values, and make a lasting impact.

Nathan Polsky

What We Can Do


By forming powerful coalitions and focusing on common goals, we can build connections within our party and beyond, and promote our principles.


By empowering our talented LP Texas staff, we can ensure a more streamline, efficient, and effective organization that can truly champion the cause of liberty.


By providing essential infrastructure and comprehensive training, we can bolster local candidates and counties where resources are currently lacking.


Internal Unity

“Connect” signifies the importance of building bridges between different factions within the party. It involves creating a cohesive environment where diverse perspectives and approaches can find common ground, leading to a stronger and more unified party.


By working closely with activist organizations on single-item issues, I’m demonstrating a willingness to collaborate beyond party lines. This strategy can bring more visibility to libertarian principles and create alliances with groups that share specific values, thus expanding the party’s reach.


The concept of “connect” extends to forming and promoting coalitions. These alliances can amplify my party’s impact by pooling resources, expertise, and supporters to tackle larger issues and initiatives together.


My commitment to “connect” involves creating networking opportunities for party members, local candidates, and activists. This can help them share ideas, experiences, and strategies, contributing to a more informed and empowered party base.


By ensuring that the best people for the job are in positions of impact, regardless of their ideological camp, I’m promoting an inclusive approach. This encourages individuals from all corners of the party to contribute their skills and talents, strengthening the party’s overall effectiveness.

Public Engagement

“Connect” also implies engaging with the public and constituents. Through open communication, outreach, and active engagement with voters, you can create a strong connection between the party’s goals and the concerns of the people.


Training & Education

Empowering individuals involves providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. I will organize workshops, webinars, and resources on campaign strategies, policy advocacy, communication skills, and more.  This will help local candidates and activists become more effective advocates for libertarian principles.

Local Capacity Building

My pledge to empower local counties and candidates without sufficient resources is about bolstering their capacity to operate effectively. This can include assisting with campaign planning, fundraising strategies, volunteer recruitment, and leveraging digital tools for voter engagement.

Autonomy with Support

My commitment to providing autonomy to LPTexas staff highlights my confidence in their abilities. This empowerment strategy revolves around trusting them to align decisions with the party’s objectives and leverage their expertise without undue constraints.

Leadership Development

Empowerment also involves identifying and nurturing potential leaders within the party. I can provide mentorship, leadership training, and opportunities for emerging leaders to take on responsibilities and initiatives that align with their strengths.

Engagement & Ownership

By empowering party members to take ownership of their roles and projects, I’m fostering a sense of engagement and dedication. This can lead to greater commitment, enthusiasm, and creativity in advancing the party’s mission.

Inclusive Participation

An empowered party is one that encourages the participation of all members, regardless of their backgrounds or experience levels. Empowerment helps create an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and capable of contributing.

Public Advocacy

Empowerment extends to local candidates who may lack experience in public office. By offering them support, guidance, and training, I’m enabling them to confidently engage with voters and advocate for libertarian policies.


Structural Improvement

My aim is to implement structural improvements by providing essential infrastructure and training to local candidates and counties. This could involve setting up training programs, workshops, and resources that equip them with the skills and tools needed for effective campaigning.

Cultural Shift

As chair, I plan to lead a cultural shift within LPTexas. My aim is to empower our staff with full autonomy in their roles, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. I firmly believe in the capabilities of my fellow Texas Libertarians to drive positive change.

Parnership and Unity

Mending bridges and creating new ones reflects my commitment to uniting different factions within the party and building new relationships with activist organizations. This transformative step promotes unity, collaboration, and a stronger collective effort towards shared goals.

Political Impact

By ensuring that the best people for the job are in the positions that will have the most impact, I’m promoting a transformation in the party’s political strategy. Placing capable individuals in key positions can lead to more effective advocacy and policy influence.

Overall Growth

The concept of “transform” encapsulates an overarching growth in the party’s influence, effectiveness, and reach. By addressing training gaps, promoting autonomy, and fostering unity, I’m setting the stage for a revitalized and stronger Libertarian Party in Texas.